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Why Onboarding Is So Important

So often viewed as a tedious administrative requirement to process new hires, employers often unwittingly quickly tamp down a new hire’s enthusiasm for the job they’ve just accepted through their onboarding practices. The perfect onboarding agenda cycles through a full day of company history, values, mission statement, org chart, IT policies, security, and payroll & […]

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Keeping the H In HR: A human-centered approach to the data-driven workplace

Modern companies are obsessed with data, strong in the belief that what can be measured can be improved. In many disciplines, a data-driven approach is straightforward and the guiding metrics are a clear formalization of numbers that have been around for a long time. Organizations like sales, marketing, and engineering transition seamlessly to this new […]

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The Modern Organization

A funny thing is happening in the modern organization. As technology has reshaped nearly every aspect of the workplace, automating an incredible number of processes, roles and even industries, companies are becoming more and more people-centric. And for good reason, people want to work with and for organizations that enrich their lives. Given this emphasis, […]

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